The In's and Out's of Door Materials

Fiberglass, Steel, or wood – With these materials and a plethora of design options, it can be tough to choose the right door for your home. These details should help make your decision that much easier.

The Story of Wood

Wooden doors are always a classic, being a naturally warm and inviting entry into your home. To avoid damage, it’s best to have them in a covered area, like a porch, or protected by a storm door to prevent it from weathering.

Nowadays, wooden doors are made with thicker panels, improved weather-stripping, and can have glass inserts to boost its design style (which are, of course, energy efficient!) Oak is one of the most popular wood used, but if you have your sights set on something else, rest assured that you can also find mahogany, maple, teak, fir, and pine.

The downside of wooden doors? Rot and weathering. Rain water can find its way into cracks and joints, weakening the door and making it less energy efficient. If they’re not protected, they can easily scratch, bubble, peel, and warp to not fit the frame like it used to when it was new.

Get Real with Steel

Steel doors aren’t completely made of steel – They are insulated, have a wooden frame, and the steel is coated in epoxy. The insulation core makes for an energy efficient door that can help lower your heating bills in the tough Canadian winters.

To top it off, steel doors can be made in any style and colour to be truly unique to you and your home. Another bonus? They are low maintenance and can last a lifetime!

That being said, they can dent, you may need to touch-up or repaint it, and if you have a scratch, it can lead to rust.

Foolproof Fiberglass

Say hello to the newest member of the entryway door family. While some first impressions can liken it to be wood, fiberglass doors are actually made of composite materials in a fiberglass panel that is designed to resemble wood. If a wood look isn’t your thing, they can be painted smoothly.

Unlike wood and steel, fiberglass doors don’t rot, warp, weather, or rust. They can scratch or dent like the others but are more resistant to the marks than the other materials. Another plus? They can also help lower your heating bill!

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