Preparing Home for the New School Year

‘Back to school’ can be either an exciting or terrifying time for families, getting back into the swing of regular schedules and changing priorities. No matter how you’re feeling, here are some tips to help prepare your home for the new school year.

Creating Study Space

Before homework makes its way into your children’s backpack, they’ll need a space to study and work without distractions. Usually, their bedroom is a great place to set up a desk, but make sure they won’t have distractions easily available so they can focus on the task at hand. If their room is too small for study space, try another quiet area of your home, such as a finished basement or spare room. It’s very important that it is in an area of the home where they won’t be easily distracted by the TV or other electronics.


Once the need for adequate study space has been fulfilled, the next step is making sure it’s functional and not encouraging distractions. To keep your children focused and creative, have a comfortable space with pin-boards and a calendar to help organize their many projects and assignments. Good lighting and nice aesthetics help, too, improving the atmosphere.

Have the Only Say

To avoid the mess of paper piles, books, backpacks, and pencils, have designated areas where certain items go. This will help keep their study space clear and kept for the purpose it’s meant to have. If your kids are into sports or other recreational programs, choose designated areas to store their equipment. Separating areas between work and play will not only help them stay focused but keep your home tidy and organized.

Storage, Storage, Storage

This cannot be stressed enough: Storage is key for a harmonious household. Shelves and drawers are great for books and binders, while stylish little baskets are perfect for stationary. For bigger items, ottoman storage and hooks may do the trick.

One Last Tip: Make a Routine That Sticks!

Having a routine is what keeps households functioning like a well-oiled machine. By establishing a routine early on, you’ll be teaching your kids organization and tidiness. There are some creative ways to do chores, get ready for school, and pack lunches so that it brings an element of personal ownership to their daily activities. For example, when it’s time to pack their lunch at night or in the morning, have designated spaces for snacks, drinks, and sandwiches, while having a variety in each. That way, they can pick and choose what they would like for the day.

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