Fence FAQ's

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Wondering if you need a fence? Need to know what to consider? Read on!

1. Do I need a fence?

It depends. You need to think about what your back-yard intentions are going to be. Many homeowners inquire about fencing for keeping dogs and/or wildlife out. Keeping wildlife out is the number one reason people in the River Valley have been calling and inquiring about fencing to protect trees and flowerbeds in their back-yard. Others look for privacy or insurance reasons such as swimming pools. By law, swimming pools are to have fence around them in order to keep neighbouring children from getting access to the people without supervision.

2. What type of fence do I need?

Again, it depends on what your intentions are to be for your back-yard. If it is to keep pets in and wildlife out, then you would require a 5-foot-high black chain link or ornamental fence. Some homeowners prefer to have the ornamental fencing anywhere that is street facing and then the chain link around the rest of the perimeter. If privacy is your goal, then a wood or vinyl privacy fence is your answer. Privacy slats can also be inserted into chain link fencing. There can also be combinations of chain link, ornamental, wood or vinyl depending on what you require around your perimeter.

3. How high of a fence can be installed?

Municipal by-laws state that in residential areas you cannot have a fence higher than 6 feet high and a wood fence has to be at least 1 meter (3 feet) off of the property line for maintenance. In commercial or industrial areas, the height limit is 8 feet high. Although, in industrial areas the type of industry may determine a height higher than 8 feet.

4. Can I put the fence directly on the property line?

Every municipality is different as to what their by-laws state. Ask your Homestar representative and they can let you know the by-law for your area.

5. If I am trying to keep deer out of my yard, how can a 5-foot-high fence be effective?

A 5-foot-high fence can do what it is intended to do and that is to keep them out of your yard or deter them to go another path. Deer are predominantly a grazing animal looking for grass, sweet cedars and those delicious flowers and shrubs in your beautifully arranged flower gardens. Deer will not go out of their way to jump a fence to get at something to eat. They will jump fences or obstacles when they are spooked and will run into the fence a number of times before finding a way around it. If you do find a deer within your enclosed fence line, you just need to leave a gate open and they will eventually find their way out.


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