Electric Bill Sky High? Cut Costs With These Energy Saving Tips.

The cost of electricity is a topic that frequents headlines and the minds of many across the country. Rates are consistently going up while many homes and habits stay the same. Summer, for obvious reasons, is the easiest time of year on energy costs, but when it comes to winter, that’s when people really start feeling the pinch on their wallets.

Below are some tips to help you curb that drastic bill:

Seal the Leaks

Plenty of heat gets lost through cracks, gaps, and holes – Inspect your corners, doors, walls, and windows or any escaping air (you will feel a cold draft) and fix accordingly. Uninsulated attic? You could be losing up to 15% of your heat that way! In the long run, installing proper insulation will save you big and pay for itself.

Embrace the Seasons

Relish in the summer warmth and bundle up in the cold. Reducing the use of an air conditioner in the summer will lower your already low electric bill and keeping your home a degree or two cooler than usual in the winter can save you between 3 and 5 percent monthly.

Switch Those Bulbs

LED bulbs literally pay for themselves and then some over their lifetime use (they last for years!) And, the energy board usually hosts a rebate program once per year to help offset their initial cost. Check with your local energy provider for details!

Be Cooking Conscious

By using a small pot or pan on a large stove burner or by opening the oven while it’s on, you waste about 20% of the heat each way (and heat equals energy which equals money you’ve wasted!) When boiling/simmering, keep the heat as low as possible and use flat-bottomed pots or pans – These heat up much quicker than rounded skillets.

Avoid the Ghost Power

Electricity still gets used when electronics are plugged in but turned ‘off.’ To really stop the electric flow, completely unplug your electronics (yes, that means your phone charger, too) when they’re not being used.

Eye for Labels

Keep your eyes peeled for energy star or energy efficient labels. Big ticket appliances use a lot of energy, so when you’re in the market to look for something new (or used), choose one that will consume less energy.

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