11 Top Home Renovation Trends

With so many possibilities, a completed home renovation can take on any look and feel you’d ever want. But if you’re planning a project without any ideas and need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered. With these stylish and functional 2018 trends, you’ll have a solid foundation of what it is you’d really like to accomplish. Who knows, it may even bring out the designer in you!

1. More Colour in the Kitchen

Nowadays, kitchens are taking on more colour to create an ambiance the homeowner desires in the focal point of their home. Kitchen cabinets are the main point of colour that many are choosing to redesign by alternating the colours of the wall and base cabinets. The biggest colour trend? Having a strong neutral colour for the base cabinets such as dark grey, dark blue, or black, with the upper cabinets being a lighter colour, complimenting the base.

2. Rich Accent Colours

Adding a pop of colour throughout the home that compliments the existing design and furniture effortlessly has long been a method to create expression of a mood, a season, or simply a favourite colour. Particularly, colours used would blend well with black, white, grey, and brown, considering the majority of furniture and other household fixings fall under those colour ranges. This year is forecasted to see plum purple on the rise.

3. Casual Design

Casual is considered a combination of minimalism, modern, and contemporary interior design. Characterized by clean lines, a few simple pieces and subtle artwork, this is the newest design trend. Delicate colours make up most of the pallet – beige, white, sand, mint, grey, and light pink. That isn’t to say that there aren’t any bold colours thrown into the mix. Most commonly used bold feature colours are black, dark red, purple, and orange.

4. Waterfall Counter Tops

Waterfall counter tops boast sleek lines, the masking of under-island cabinetry, and a seamless flow of material from the top of the kitchen island down to the floor. Usually made of marble, granite, or quartz, this stunning counter top or island is a must-have if you’re renovating your kitchen.

5. Sliding Interior Doors

Over the past few years, the sliding door trend has been on the rise in both small and large homes, and not just for their looks. They take up less space, freeing up some valuable room. They are commonly made from glass, stainless steel, or wood, and either slide inside or just outside walls.

6. Colourful, Patterned Bathroom Tile

Homeowners want to take their renovation as an opportunity to introduce more colour into their homes, and the bathroom is no exception. Since bathrooms are smaller rooms in the household, homeowners are typically more willing to spend a little extra on some bold tile.

7. Wall Peninsula

When homeowners think of creating an open-concept living area, they usually think to knock out the undesired wall. Rather than completely removing a wall to create an open-concept space, many homeowners are now turning that opposing wall into a peninsula that can increase counter space and provide a new eat-in bar height option.

8. Shared Bathroom

A shared bathroom space is one that homeowners are seeking more and more. Why wouldn’t they want a bathroom space where two people can move around freely? An extra wide vanity, two sinks instead of one…

9. Adding Creature Comforts

Who wouldn’t want more comfort and efficiency in their home? Adding these features to the home will do just that: central air rather than air conditioner in the window, sound proofing joint walls with other homes, installing radiant-heat flooring in the bathroom or anywhere there is cold tile.

10. Wall Hung Toilets

While they were typically used only in restaurants, shopping malls, and the like, wall-hung toilets are being requested for residential homes. These are perfect for smaller bathrooms, those looking to save water, or to have a minimalist style.

11. Nature

Houseplants never go out of style. They are an easy way to add in design pizzazz on a budget. Another way to incorporate nature is bringing in wood pieces, such as lamps, pots for plants, and wooden bowls.


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