Vast product and service knowledge...

Jason is a Project Manager here at Homestar, but not only that, he is also a husband and a father to one. Originally from Birchybay, Newfoundland & Labrador, he later moved to New Brunswick where he studied a diploma program on the West Side - Network Fundamentals and C++.

Growing up, Jason found a role model in his martial arts teacher, Grand Master Sensei Roy, who was a Fu-Lynn-Chi Master and just loved teaching the arts to his students. From Roy, he learned exactly what it took to have a strong sense of discipline and understood what it meant to have self-respect. All of those grueling training sessions drilled those two core values into young Jason’s mind.

Jason’s career with Homestar provided him with the opportunity to expand his already vast product and service knowledge in the home maintenance and renovation industries. Working directly with clients and tenants everyday has allowed him to use his “Gift of Gab” – as Mark likes to say.


In his spare time, Jason’s hobbies include firing rounds at the gun range, hunting, and making his own jerky.



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