Over 20 years in the accounting industry...

Born and raised in New York City, James studied accounting in the States and later moved to Rothesay, New Brunswick after college where he met his wife and raised their 4 children. He is currently studying to complete his master’s degree in business with Athabasca University and has been immersed in the accounting industry for over 20 years. Starting with a public accounting firm, James has journeyed though the industry and now works with Homestar as Financial Officer.

James knew early on that business was his forte, having studied various courses across the business spectrum and currently studying his master's. He further developed his skills by immersing himself fully into the accounting industry, gaining valuable hands-on experience that served to enhance what he was taught. James finds satisfaction in the work he performs, knowing that he is adding value to the company and those he works with.

James’ father instilled in him from a very early age the values needed to have a meaningful and successful future. He admired the way his father lived his life, having an example to be led by.

Outside of his career, James coaches competitive soccer at Rothesay High School and the Fundy Soccer Club.



Homestar Inc.

11 Elliott Road, Quispamsis, NB E2G 2B5

Phone: 506.847.3202

Fax: 506.847.8005


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